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Portrait of West Virginia

Portrait of West Virginia

Fine Art Print, Ships Free

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A meticulously-crafted keepsake or gift, Portrait of West Virginia fits standard pre-made picture frame sizes. Plus, it is made with archival materials, and ships free standard/domestic.

Size and Viewing Distance

I create my state portraits with viewing distance in mind. Painters do this, too, and it’s magical.

From closer than recommended viewing range, the terrain is simple and a little abstract. The magic happens when you view your portrait from a recommended range. Here, the type reads well, and the terrain captivates the viewer with form and depth that it would not have if it did not look simple and a little abstract when viewed up close.

Portrait of Oregon sizes with recommended viewing ranges:

10” x 8” - 1 to 4 ft 
14” x 11” - 2 to 6 ft 
20” x 16” - 3 to 10 ft
24” x 20” - 4 to 12 ft
30” x 24” - 5 to 16 ft

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