Customer Comments


I’ve been a fan of these maps ever since the first edition came out, because they are not only more beautiful than others but also more useful. I have given them to many elementary and middle school classrooms, and their students like them because it is easier for them to point out places they recognize. The new version is even better, with the changes in geography across areas much clearer. Get this map and read it before you plan your next sightseeing trip, and you might change where you go. AK, Seattle, Washington

Thank you for creating such a beautiful (and informative) map - it truly is a work of art. RM, Denver, Colorado

My framed copy of the first edition hangs next to my dining-room table so my kids will look at it each morning and evening. We often stop during meals to find a place on the map. Hope you know how much we love your work. I have a feeling it will inspire a lifelong love of maps in my children. The framed v3 would be for me. WL, Phoenix, Arizona

I love my framed 2nd edition. It hangs in pride of place in my home, and I have already spent many a happy hour perusing it and admiring the many thoughtful details and layers of information. I'm proud to be able to support the work of this master cartographer in a small way. –TS,  Issaquah, Washington

Your passion reminds me that you follow in the footsteps of the great cartographers from history... TA, Buffalo, New York

I got my map back from the framer today. It is simply stunning. I swear it looks three dimensional...Thanks so much for this beautiful work of art! MKR, Short Hills, New Jersey

Map makes me want to touch it, having to remember the terrain is 2D cartography. JC, Fayetteville, North Carolina



This is the map of the U.S. you've been waiting for...absolutely awesome! -SM, Portland, Oregon

I have to say, the map exceeded my expectations which were formed solely on the superlatives that it had received from cartographic connoisseurs. Purely aside from the enormous amount of accessible information it holds, the symmetry and artistic presence are sublime! Sincere congratulations and gratitude for the chance to make it part of a prominent place in my home. –BK, Christchurch, New Zealand

I've studied it for several months and discover something new every day. Your passion for cartography shows in every line and letter. –JM, Allen, Texas

This is the most beautiful map I’ve ever seen, & I am thrilled to have it in my homeschool classroom! –KJ, League City, Texas

While we all have, and use, smart phone, computer and portable GPS maps, nothing provides the context and perspective of paper. Your maps are useful and beautiful.. –BV, Evanston, Illinois

Over the top, jaw dropping spectacular! So simple, so dense. I am impressed and awed. –NM, Sanford, Florida

Love to dream looking at your maps! –AH, Salem, Oregon

Your map is a wonder and a joy to study. SR, Locust Grove, Virginia

My husband was absolutely stunned, by his reaction I'm pretty sure it might be the best gift I've ever given him. –SL, DeForest, Wisconsin

…your new map of the U.S. has dramatically altered my perception of the nation…Here, finally, the representation of my country's landscape that speaks to my heart. –LCP, Orlando, Florida

What an impressive piece of work: at once densely informative and simply beautiful...a marvelous achievement in cartography. –DN, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We've had ours for two years now and I am still transfixed by it every day. –FM, Middle Village, New York

...a masterful, beautiful work of cartography which I hope will one day take its place among famous maps of history. –EJP, Asheville, North Carolina

I have gotten more pleasure and use out of this map than I can express. I love it!...It is truly one of my favorite possessions. –MW, Vancouver, Washington

I love your US map; it has inspired a revived passion for geography for me. –YF, Wichita, Kansas

My 4 year old is very interested in geography. We are eager to use this map to further fuel her imagination and understanding of our world. –BN, Portland, Oregon

Thanks...for showing us non-map people how beautiful a map can be. –CC, Collingswood, New Jersey

I have so wished for a map like yours of the United States – to be able to visualize how a state is laid out, where the people are, where the landmarks are. Thank you so much… –MS, Anchorage, Alaska

Not only does it convey an atlas worth of information, but its beauty is inspiring. –MLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Love this map, going to donate our paper one to the kids' school and give this (framed) one pride of place in the living room! –GS, Shelburne, Vermont

...the on-line photos do not come close to capturing its beauty... and the story it tells. –JM, Park City, Utah

I'm thrilled to be exposing my son to your map. –DF, Houston, Texas

I can't stop staring at it. The most amazing map I've seen. Wow. Thank you. –KF, Beverley Hills, California

Form and function are integrated, beautiful and instructive art. Way to go! –JN, Eugene, Oregon

The map looks amazing in the frame! Truly stunning. –JK, Parker, Colorado

Love your maps! Thank you for helping us visualize our world. –KB, Hamilton, Montana

Thanks for making beautiful art that my family enjoys and learns so much from! –KS, Alameda, California

I just received my laminated map of the United States. It's so beautiful I can't get over it. Your work is stunning and I do thank you for that. –AE, Dallas, Texas

A perfect reference for anyone with children in school –DP, Fort Worth, Texas

Best U.S. map ever made, by far. –GL, Anchorage, Alaska

My students have said that this map "makes way more sense" than my other U.S. maps. –JD, Geography Teacher, Milton, Massachusetts

What a terrific map -- seeing it in person far exceeded my expectations. I admire your gift for cartography. –JM, Farmington, Connecticut

We love it! Thanks very much for this fascinating map. It is totally engrossing. –JS, Sarasota, Florida

It is simply fantastic. –EM, Milan, Italy

Best map ever! –LS, Chelsea, Vermont

I strongly believe your maps are the very best that money can buy. I enjoy them tremendously, and heartily recommend them to all of my friends. –RT, Bealeton, Virginia

Just received our map of the USA. Even more beautiful than advertised. –MS, Ballston Spa, New York

The map is magnificent. –SS, Potomac, Maryland

I work in a frame shop here in Vermont and a customer came in to have us frame (one) of these maps - the most beautiful US map I've ever seen! I have to have one! –AF, Norwich, Vermont

My map arrived today in Vancouver BC, and it's stunning –SC, Vancouver, British Columbia

Best USA map I've ever seen. –CB, Carmel, Indiana

Ordered one a few months ago for a classroom and now other colleagues want them for their rooms, too. Thanks, great map! –CK, Seattle, Washington

It's so fun to see an artist/craftsman who does gorgeous work in today's commercialized world. –EG, Great Falls, Virginia

It will be enjoyed for many years to come. –RM, West Pawlet, Vermont

Every home school should have one. –NM, Chicago, Illinois

It's really an amazing map. Can't believe it was a solo effort. –JL, Bethesda, Maryland

This gentleman has done something well worth holding in esteem. –JS, Redondo Beach, California

Your US map is nothing less than a work of art. –TC, Zionsville, Indiana

My boys are 8 years old and 4 years old... They will learn for years from this map. –SK, Seattle, Washington

Wow. it looks fantastic. I had underestimated the presence it has in the room I put it in, it's just hypnotic. –JKF, Ontario, Canada

It's gorgeous! The review was right on. –SB, Oakland, New Jersey

I just ordered your Essential Geography of the United States map and absolutely love it. –CT, Saint Paul, Minnesota

My grandchildren will enjoy using it for many years to come. –VM, Cantonment, Florida

It is heartening to see such good work. –LW, Maryville, Tennessee

Your map of the U.S. is, by far, the best I've come across –DK, Lawrence, Pennsylvania

...received the maps today, thank you very much! They are as nice as the reviews stated! –LS, Overland Park, Kansas

We love your map. –The C Family, Lynchburg, Virginia

This map makes geography the priority for the mapping decisions. And those decisions are made by a human, not a computer. Refreshing! –RE, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Thank you for dedicating two years of your life to create such a wonderful map of the US from which we can learn and enjoy the beauty of America's geography. –AC, Smyrna, Tennessee

I just received the most impressive map I own (and I own a lot of maps). Wow, that was some quick shipping too. It is like having a full U.S. Atlas on 2 pages (front and back). Great work, Mr. Imus. –SB, Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you for creating such beautiful, functional works of art! –SC, Turner, Oregon

I really love having your USA map in my office. –SM, Cleveland, Ohio

Great map, a piece of art...very cool. –JC Austin, Texas

It is an excellent map. I love the way you visually displayed the population centers and the network of roads that connect them. Brilliant! –SH, Grand Junction, Colorado

We'll definitely spread the word about the fine work being done at Imus Geographics. –MB, Eugene, Oregon

I've had one for weeks at home, and this one is for my office! Thanks for the beautiful work! –SG, Sugar Land, Texas

Please make a world map. –GJ, Columbus, Ohio

I opened my Oregon & USA maps today and absolutely love them! Thank you! –GT, Portland, Oregon

It will hang proudly in room 208 of Williams High School. –JM, Burlington, North Carolina

I just have to tell you: it's a beauty. –MA, Warrenville, Illinois

...the beautiful blue/green color is most auspicious for a learning environment. –FL, Manchester, New Hampshire

Thank you for your great work in keeping up the tradition of fine map making. –AE, La Mesa, California

My map arrived. It is a wonder. Bravo! –MR, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

The map is magnificent. The pictures don't do it justice. –SS, Everett, Washington

Your map will adorn our dining room wall, my kids will see it every day, learning about the country their grandmother was from, and about maps in general. As for me, I've already bored my wife to death enthusing about the intelligence with which you organized and prioritized information. –PH, Paris, France

Hope there are many more to come. –RS, London, England