What Makes My Work Unique

"I have so wished for a map like yours of the United States – to be able to visualize how a state is laid out, where the people are, where the landmarks are."  –MS, Anchorage, Alaska


Geography is a primary means to appreciate our planet and its people, yet it remains on the margins of human collective consciousness. Lack of an art form dedicated to intelligibly illustrating the complex, interwoven nature of basic geography, reasonably could explain the problem.

The Essential Geography of the USA offers a solution by introducing an art-centered cartographic form that disambiguates basic geography. It does this by making all elements of land, water and humanity, including nomenclature, immediately distinguishable and therefore simultaneously observable. This allows the viewer to see intricate geographic patterns and relationships (right) that are hidden by the visual discord of traditional wall maps (left).

San Luis Valley
National Geographic - Imus Geographics     

Rigorous design produces intelligible geography

Design is the art of utilizing graphic principles to orchestrate graphic elements.

This cartographic form utilizes the principles of minimalism, contrast, balance, visual layers, range of light, color theory, spacing, grouping, movement, continuity, unity, transparency, form, aerial perspective, realism and reflectivity.

Rigorous design makes elements unambiguous, patterns and relationships observable, and basic geography intelligible.

A uniquely-accessible way to visualize geography, this illustrative form of cartography introduces a new informational means to appreciate our planet and its people. It lets the viewer see our planet's beauty in a way that was not previously revealed.

"Not only does it convey an atlas worth of information, but its beauty is inspiring." –MLD, Colorado Springs, Colorado